Material mix: a bed made of recycled timber and steel with wool felt

Simple, clear and pure: the unpretentious ALTIERS bed, reduced to puristic forms, captivates with its clean shape and colour composition; harmoniously combining three types of material.

The bed features a 100 cm-high headboard made from high-quality, easy-care wool felt, allowing you to lean back comfortably whilst reading. The recycled timber planks are glazed in soft white, then treated with organic wax, giving the bed a soft look and subtly accentuating the grain of the wood. In addition to its clear elegance, powder-coated steel persuades with its durability and corrosion resistance. As with all our products, the ALTIERS bed is manufactured in co-operation with regional producers under most the environmentally friendly conditions possible


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Timber and steel with wool felt. Puristic design. Crafted by hand.



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The product is individually customisable, as special requests can be made regarding dimensions and finishes. The model shown features a steel frame in beige-red (RAL 3012), but any colour in the RAL pallet can be requested. The surface dimensions are 180 cm x 200 cm, with the height of the bed at 50 cm excluding the headboard. The timber consists of 4 cm-thick planks with a width of 25 cm. The headboard is made from durable wool felt consisting of a 70% wool and 30% polyester mixture. Again, a choice of colours from different wool felts is possible.


Recycled timber from pine or spruce

Powder-coated steel

High quality, durable, breathable wool felt



The delivery time is 6-8 weeks for deliveries to Germany. The duration may vary for deliveries to other countries.


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